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Who We Are—

Board & Staff

Our chapter of The Arc is governed by a volunteer board of directors and led by key staff members.

Board Members

  • Larry Bailey
  • Ann Gant
  • Deborah Moody
  • Carol White
  • Dorothy McDaniel
  • David Holder
  • Hoyt Masters
  • Sandra Guin
  • Liz Lovelady
  • Cleva Turner
  • Mike Burton
  • Jodi Dean
  • Jeff Arnold
  • Connie Wilkerson
  • Leigh Ann Kittrell


  • Sara Haynes


  • Joshua Hill

    Program Coordinator, QDDP

  • Suzie Smith

    Vocational Coordinator, QDDP

  • Lasagne Smith

    Plan Manager

  • Bill Page

    Financial Manager

  • Lydia Gentry

    Program Manager

  • Frank Phillips

    Transportation Manager

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