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Who We Are—

Our History

For over 55 years the Arc’s role as a non-profit human service agency has been to create innovative ways to assist adults with disabilities as well as the communities in which they live.

The Arc embodies a continuing search for the most effective ways to integrate people with disabilities into the living fabric of our community. The Arc advances its mission through practices that offer models for other agencies, through community advocacy and education, and through collaboration with government agencies at every level as part of the policy creation process.  We live, work, worship, and recreate within our community. Through these relationships, we learn and teach, receive and give, and find a sense of belonging. We discover how to choose activities that have meaning to us; surround ourselves with people whom we care about; and realize our hopes for the future. No matter what abilities and disabilities we have, our quality of life depends on the relationships we develop, and on the support we receive from others as we make our choices in our daily life. To advance an individual’s quality of life, the Arc promotes community support of the individuals while at the same time creating opportunities to heighten community awareness of the positive contributions of people with disabilities.

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